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The different snippets of information you can get from our database are:
Quotes & Charts
Track the performance of a scrip through the day on various parameters such as Day High, Day Low, Open, Close, Historic price levels and Charts to view the trend of its progress through the years.
Use our charting tool to analyze the performance of a company within a custom selected time period.
Quick Information
Get access to information about a company, its background, any relevant news about the company in recent times.
Let yourself be well versed with information of whereabouts of the company, owners & people who make a difference to the business and with whom you are most likely to identify the company.
Company Details
Get to know a company better in terms of key personnel related to its operations and its shareholding pattern.
Get an insight as to the thought process behind the company’s financing plans, the financing pattern followed by the company and the key personnel who are in control of the business.
Investor Information
Access information about how often has the company declared Dividends, Bonus issues and how has it been performing as compared to other companies in its peer group.
Assess how beneficial will be your investment in the company according to its history of dividends, bonus and peer group comparison. See which companies are performing better within the same industry circle and make an informed decision.
Corporate Announcements
Be the first to know about any public announcement made by companies. Know the benefits that accrue to your investments before anyone else does. Read it firsthand & take necessary actions accordingly.
Take note of the board meetings held, resolutions made and critical corporate decisions affecting your investment and identity of the company you have invested in.
Financial Statements
Analyze the financial wellbeing of a company, profits earned through its operations, cash flows during the year.
Access the strength of a company in terms of financing its day to day operations, Fixed assets and its capability to take on future ventures successfully.
Key Ratios
Evaluate the worth of your investments through the ratios that resemble the performance of a company. It is one of the easiest modes of performance comparison between companies.
Compare the differences between standard ratios and actual ratios of the company that you want to invest into. Check what the tolerable level of disparity is before its time for you to reconsider your investments in the company.
Access the latest company results posted on internet about any company of your choice. Be in touch with the results affecting your investments.